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Surely anyone who has had an orgasm will say that this is one of Mother Nature's finest inventions. But, sitting at home for someday and having experienced a certain number of these same orgasms, you involuntarily begin to think about their quality.

In the dry language of science, each orgasm has its own performance characteristics: duration, frequency, depth, and intensity.

Moreover, it is influenced not only by primary factors such as the presence or absence of a partner (yes, even during the most overwhelming sex in the brain, four times more prolactin hormone is produced than during masturbation!), But also secondary factors, such as mood, tertiary, and the ones you wouldn't even think of. And no, we're not talking about the arrangement of the stars!

Even the ill-fated coronavirus has an effect on the brightness of orgasm and the power of arousal, so there is now officially one more reason to hate it! Judge for yourself: the forced self-isolation regime violated the usual way of life, mobility and physical activity decreased, and stress and anxiety from reading news on social networks, on the contrary, grew exponentially, as it is now fashionable to say).

As a result, it turns out that, sitting at home in self-isolation, as in an old joke, in theory, you have every opportunity to turn quarantine into a sex vacation, but in practice, it turns out not very ...

Here are five life hacks to improve the quality of your sex and make every orgasm unforgettable.

Tip 1. Warm-up Interest

Let's not lie that the anticipation of an orgasm is just as pleasant as getting it directly, but a prolonged expectation can intensify this very orgasm.

For this, nature came up with sexting (erotic correspondence): tell your online partner what and how you will do with her, and not spare epithets and flowery phrases. Even if you are both in the different apartments, locked in quarantine! Let her describe her sexual fantasies and hidden desires.

By the time you move from theory to practice, you will be so excited that you will masturbate as if you had not had sex for a couple of months, and not for several hours. And yes, Nude girls count for foreplay, but do not replace them completely!

Tip 2. Learn Breathing Practices

Anyone who plays sports, yoga, swimming, vocals, and so on will tell you how important breathing is: attentive work with it allows you to relax or, conversely, concentrate, increase or decrease sensitivity. This applies equally to sex. When you focus your attention on the sensations in the body, you automatically focus on the process and stop thinking about whether there will be enough buckwheat stocks until the end of quarantine, and even who is stronger - a tiger or a bear.

The easiest way to heighten bodily sensations is to concentrate on the breath. Deep, even breathing will help you to stop distractions, and it will also help you to calm down if for some reason you are worried about sex. It is useful to breathe slowly and deeply and immediately before the onset of orgasm: this increases blood oxygen saturation and blood circulation in the tissues, which means it increases sensitivity.

By the way, faster breathing increases arousal. If you want more perky and passionate sex, try breathing quickly and intermittently. Just be careful: if you feel dizzy, breathe deeply.

Tip 3. Train Your Pelvic Muscles

Kegel exercises designed for women are also suitable for men. Exercises, which, for obvious reasons, should be done at home, will help to strengthen and prolong an erection, and also to make the orgasm brighter, since the number of the pelvic floor muscles in men includes a small muscle, which is extremely important for sexual life - the bulbous-spongy muscle bulbocavernosus, which covers the base ("bulb") of the penis. It is she who is responsible for a steady erection and powerful ejaculation.

First, find your pubococcygeal muscle. It is very simple to do this: imagine that you want to go to the toilet in a small way, and then squeeze your muscles to stop the process. Meet: these are the Kegel muscles.

A classic exercise looks like this: squeeze the PC muscle and hold it in a tense state for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Three approaches a day will be enough. Your partner and you yourself will definitely be delighted with the resulting effect!

Tip 4. Use Sex Toys

Various sex devices are not a substitute for a full-fledged partner (that is, you) and are not cheating! They will help diversify sex and add thrill (read: bright) sensations. As practice shows, in bed, not a single thing is superfluous: not a second girl, not a ping-pong ball, not even a vibrator. The main thing is to know how to use it.

In general, as the famous proverb says, any object is a sex toy, if you have enough imagination for it. But for special devices that came straight from the store in opaque cellophane packaging, and for those that were not originally conceived as erotic, the general rule applies: their use should be discussed with a partner “on the shore”.

Especially when your partner is new (if you managed to get her within the framework of quarantine, we take off our hats to you!) Or you are going to try this practice for the first time. This extends from "I'll tie your hands with my silk tie" to "let's do it in an armadillo suit."

Tip 5. Take Care of Your Health

Sometimes the reasons for the decrease in libido and the brightness of orgasm and the problems of achieving it must be sought not in external reasons, but in internal ones. They can be caused by an increased level of stress and anxiety (the level of which now does not go off scale only in a yogi to the bone marrow), hormonal disorders, anemia, and a seasonal lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body. Another reason may be a decrease in the amount of testosterone.